All-Inclusive Abutment & Crown Special

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January 6, 2017
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January 19, 2017


Save money without sacrificing quality!

This offer includes a titanium custom abutment, either platform specific or atlantis abutment and a monolithic zirconia crown. The bundle also includes model work, soft tissue, and shipping.  



All work is done here at Bayou State Lab

We are offering this special to help save you money without losing quality. The case is manufactured at our facility so we can still maintain all quality control points to offer you the highest quality work.


We are the highest accredited lab in the State!

Your cases are produced in a state of the art facility by a DAMAS & CDL Certified Lab. We have CDT'S overseeing all departments in the laboratory so you can have peace of mind knowing your patient’s cases are being produced in the best environment. 


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