We offer a spectrum of implant options customized to meet your patients individual treatment needs.

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Custom Implant Abutments

Our goal is to achieve optimal contour and profile and to deliver a esthetic solution for missing teeth.  Through computer-aided planning and design our process allows the clinician to approve the final design digitally prior to fabrication.  Our focus on enhanced clinician communication and experienced treatment planning is the reason for our success in providing predictable and esthetic fixed restoratives.

We make it easy...

We provide a free abutment insertion guide for accurate implant placement.

  • Digitally design in-lab
  • Less likely to fracture in the posterior
  • Biocompatible and clinically well-proven
  • High strength in limited space
  • Homogeneous material design

  • Fabricated in-lab
  • Warm gold hue

  • Digitally designed in-lab
  • Application for all areas of the mouth
  • Unrivaled support of adjacent tissue
  • Homogeneous material design

  • Custom Titanium Abutment with Zirconia Crown
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