Clinician Testimonials

  • John Portwood - Jr. DDS, MS
    Bayou State has been an integral part of my practice for the past 20 years. Darius and his team feel like an extension of my own team. Their attention to detail is greatly valued and appreciated. Thanks Bayou!!!
    John Portwood - Jr. DDS, MS
  • Jason D. Hutto, DDS
    Bayou State consistently provides my practice with highly esthetic, well fitting crowns and bridges that seat with very little chair-side adjusting. Since using Bayou State, my crown delivery appointments have been cut in half.
    Jason D. Hutto, DDS
  • Scott M. Pecue, DDS
    For over 23 years, Bayou State Crown and Bridge Lab has been providing my patients and me with the highest quality dental services possible. Everyone associated with the lab understands how vital communication must be. Their quick friendly service, attention to detail, and professional craftsmanship has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the services that Bayou State Crown and Bridge Lab provides to my dental practice.
    Scott M. Pecue, DDS
  • Leon Monceret, II DDS
    Bayou State offers the highest quality restorations available. Darius and his associates are very knowledgeable and are always ready to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. I'm looking forward to many more years of service from this 5 star lab!    
    Leon Monceret, II DDS
  • Philip V. Gastinel, DDS
    I have been using Bayou State for the better part of 20+ years since they opened their doors. I have found that though no lab gives perfect results or is always consistent, that the quality of work I get from them is excellent. If I give them good preps and impressions, I get back excellent fitting crowns with a high degree of esthetic finish that I have been more than content with over the years. They keep up with the newest technology and keep me informed of things I need to know that relate to that technology. As to consistency, they have kept me satisfied and try to minimize turnovers on their staff as much as a lab can do. I highly recommend their services!
    Philip V. Gastinel, DDS


Our team is built on experience & supported by the latest technological innovations in the industry.

We collaborate with our clients to create consistent, highly esthetic and well fitting restorations while providing an effortless client experience.  
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