The All New Celtra Press

Bayou State Lab Full Contour Esthetic Zi
January 31, 2017
New Orleans Dental Conference
April 3, 2017

Bayou State is Proud to Offer Celtra Press

Celtra Press Benefits

  • Fascinating esthetics unmatched.
  • Strength to rely on.
  • Efficiency that pays off.
  • Simplicity that matters.

Fascinating esthetics unmatched.

  • Amazing chameleon effect provides in-vivo blending
  • Perfect balance of translucency and natural opalescence (natural vitality)
  • Natural-like opalescence reduces graying effect in the patient mouth
  • Excellent VITA shade matching


Strength to rely on.

  • Exceptional flexural strength >500 MPa for up to 3-unit anterior bridge-work and reliable results up to 2nd premolar
  • Excellent margin quality increase confidence in complex case designs
  • Exceptional flow properties (smaller microcrystals of ZLS)


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