Bayou State Lab Full Contour Esthetic Zi

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Bayou State Lab Full Contour Esthetic Zi


Esthetic Translucency:  Light Refraction

  1. 25% increase in translucency over HT Zirconia 
  2. Contains a mix of tetragonal and cubic crystals producing 50% translucency
  3. The High index refractive qualities of the cubic zirconia phase increases the Vitality and the translucency from 40% to 50%. 
  • Vitality and esthetics similar to Lithium Disilicate with twice the strength



Flexural strength of 765 MPa

Single units- Anterior and Posterior

3 unit anterior bridges



  • Any prep-design will work (Do not need shoulder /chamfer preps)
  • Minimum reduction .5 to .8mm
  • Cementable
  • Superior strength (Posterior units & 3 unit anterior bridges)

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