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ProJet® 1200

Professional 3D Printer
We diligently seek better and faster ways to create precision fitting restorations while maintaining the ability to customize our design to patient specific preferences.
The addition of the ProJet® 1200 assist our skilled team in delivering accurate, consistent and well fitting restorations — efficiently.

How We Use It?

Wax-ups for casting  or pressing for copings, pressed ceramics, bridges and veneers.

inLab MC XL

Possessing the ability to produce a variety of restorative options for clinicians is important to Bayou State. 
The InLab MCXL CAD/CAM materials provide a wide range of options to suit varying esthetic challenges. 
Digital files can be accepted through Sirona InLab, 3Shape, Exocad® and any other STL/XML format.

How We Use It?

Milling glass and hybrid ceramic e.max CAD crowns, inlays, veneers, 3 unit bridges.

Roland DWX-50

Controlling the quality, turnaround time and cost of creating our restorations provides us with the ability to set the standard for our client relationships.
With the Roland DWX-50 we have the flexibility to choose the zirconia materials posses the strength and aesthetic characteristics best suited for your treatment indications.

How We Use It?

Milling Full Contour Zirconia HT, Full Contour Zirconia, Crowns, Bridges and Copings.

Sirona inEos X5

Innovating workflow solutions to create a user friendly experience for our clinicians ensures our adaptability to meet both traditional and digital dentistry clinician needs.  
Our Sirona inEos X5 extra-oral scanner allows us to digitize tasks in the laboratory.  We can easily incorporate any treatment plan into our digital workflow process. 

How We Use It?

Scanning impressions and models of all or part of the jaw manually or automatically.

Our Software

3ShapeSum 3D Dental Software, Geomagic Print Software
We love to share!
The more ways we can communicate with our clinicians the better results we can provide your patients.  We employ the best dental software on the market to make is easy to incorporate patient information for a cohesive treatment plan and restorative outcome.

How We Use It?

To digitally plan, design, communicate and create digital dental solutions.

NobelProcera 2G Scanner

The NobelProcera 2G System makes it easy to process larger and more complex cases with confidence. This means predictably high-quality prosthetics for each and every case.
Our NobelProcera 2G Scanner is a fully capable CAD/CAM system that allows us to create remarkably precise implant abutments and implant bars for both fixed and removeable prosthetics.  We can easily incorporate any treatment plan into our digital workflow process. 

How We Use It?

Scanning models of the jaw manually or automatically.

NobelClinician Software

The NobelClinician Software helps us connect and plan with our dentists and surgeons at the start of the treatment process by using NobelClinician’s visual communication tools including the NobelClinician Communicator app and NobelClinician Viewer.
With Our NobelClinician software we can utilize the unique SmartFusion technique that combines 3D X-ray data from a (CB)CT scanner with surface data from the NobelProcera 2G System.

How We Use It?

To help assist doctors and surgeons in their treatment planning so a more effective and predictable outcome can be achieved.